Enterprise Supplier Development

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What is Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD)? Enterprise Supplier Development, especially in a South African context, refers to affirmative action taken by corporations aimed at promoting economic transformation. Under the revised B-BBEE criteria, Enterprise Supplier Development can take the form of: Preferential Procurement: An Enterprise Supplier Development method that encourages governmental departments and agencies to source […]

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Improve B-BBEE Compliance by Developing SME’s

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Improve B-BBEE Compliance by Developing Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses with The Transformation Legacy. Across the world, entrepreneurship and small business is recognised as a critical factor of economic growth. In South Africa, especially, SMME’s are a significant driving force behind lowering unemployment rates and boosting the economy. Thus, it is the responsibility of every business […]

Grow your business

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Grow your business: Stand out above the rest Let’s face it; there are probably thousands of businesses offering the same products or services to your potential clients in the same area or region. The world of business is tough and in order for your business to be successful you have to do something different that […]