Grow your business

Grow your business: Stand out above the rest

Let’s face it; there are probably thousands of businesses offering the same products or services to your potential clients in the same area or region. The world of business is tough and in order for your business to be successful you have to do something different that will make your potential clients pick your business amongst the rest of your competitors.

There are many ways to ensure that your business stands out amongst the rest.

The following five key points need to be considered to ensure that your business is picked amongst the rest of your competitors:

1. Be a Problem Solver

Your product and/or service should offer a solution that your potential clients need. For your business to solve a specific problem, you need to firstly identify the current problems within your market that has not been solved. Some of the most successful businesses have gained their recognition and presence in their respective markets, because they were providing a solution to the market. Entrepreneurs do not only create businesses, they possess an ability to create new markets. Therefore, be bold and don’t be afraid to break new boundaries.

2. Be the best at what you do well

A lot of the times businesses have a wide spectrum of products or services with the aim of providing variety and choice to their clients. However it is important to understand that as a business; ‘’you cannot be everything to everyone’’. Therefore the first step you need to take in ensuring that you become the best at what you do; is to define your core offering. Your core offering needs to be in an area that you are very good at and are confident and comfortable that you can be the best at it. Once you have determined what that core offering will be, you need to work on it continuously to ensure that you become exceptionally good at it. This will ensure that you attract the right customers to your business.

3. Know your value and hold on to it

Value is created by a balance between providing a good product or service and ensuring that you meet the needs of your clients. It is also about ensuring that the benefits of your product or service exceed the cost that your customers have to pay for it. You can create an outstanding product or service but if it does not add value and does not meet the needs of the targeted market it will not be relevant.

4. Understand why your business exists

Understanding the purpose for the business means you know the exact position your business should be taking in the market. This is important because it will help you remain focused and assist with defining clear a direction for the business. Your business purpose will ensure that you always stick to the core of what to you best.

5. Communicate your value proposition

In order for you to benefit from creating value for your market, people need to know about it. When marketing your business, your value proposition should be clearly communicated. This will make sure that your potential clients will recognize you for your specific core offering. It is important to ensure that you communicate what you want your potential clients to know about your business.


Remember your relationship with your clients is a two-way street. In order to stand out above the rest of your competitors, you need to be an asset to them in as much as they are an asset to you. Your business should not only be about generating income and making as much as possible from your clients; it should be about adding value to your clients and ensuring that you are solving a problem in the market. That way you are not only benefiting the immediate consumers, you would be benefiting the entire market with the solution that you offer. This way you will always be top of mind of your potential clients.

By Busi Raphekwane