What You Need to Know if You Are Running a Cyber Security SME

SME Development Program

Cyber Security is an important industry that can offer a lot to businesses in terms of making their everyday online operations more safe and secure. 

If you are an SME in the Cyber Security business, take a look at a few things you need to consider in your Cyber Security startup to be successful

  • Get a Mentor

Finding someone who has experience in the industry and who is willing to share their knowledge with you and can push you forward. Not only can they advise and guide you taking from what they have already experienced,but they can also introduce you to networks that you as an SME would not typically have access to. 

The Transformation Legacy is hosting a 12-month development programme for black-owned Cyber Security SME’s. If you are looking for guidance and support, contact us to join our development programme before the end of October. 

  • Develop Soft Skills

Communication is a crucial part of running any business. Developing your communication skills will help you to further your reputation and aid in conveying the right message to your clients. 

Writing is another essential soft skill as you will regularly be communicating with customers and contacts via email.

  • Blaze your trail

Be hands-on with the developments in the industry so that you can choose in which areas your business develops. Blindly following other Cyber Security businesses will lead to taking on things you are not necessarily equipped to handle. 

  • Establish a Network

Having a network that knows your work will help you to get a lot of business. It will also give you access to learn from a lot of different people in various businesses.

  • Manage Conferences

Don’t go to every conference you hear about. Select events that will help and benefit you or where people who you would like to meet are attending.

  • Keep Your Skills Fresh

In this ever-changing industry, you need to keep up with developments in your industry. Subscribe to newsletters, attend events and make sure you know about the newest developments before your business falls behind. 

  • Prevent Burnout

Take breaks when you need to and when important things are happening in your personal life. Pushing yourself to the max will only work for so long before you are burnt out and need to take a longer recovery time.

  • Have Patience

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Give yourself and your business time to grow. The first few years are the toughest. If you can be patient with yourself and set realistic goals, you will only grow from there 

  • Focus on What you can Handle 

Don’t take on projects or clients that you know you cannot handle. Rather say no to a project and still be able to work with the person/ company in future instead of tarnishing your relationships  

The Transformation Legacy is facilitating an Enterprise-Supplier Development (ESD) Programme for black-owned Cyber- Security SME’s operating in the Gauteng area. Contact us before the end of October to find out more. 

Should you meet the criteria, click on the link below to apply: