Building your personal value: focusing on growing the most important asset in your business ‘​’YOU’​’​

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When entrepreneurs start a business, the majority would think about developing a great product or service, ensuring that it is known in the market, exploring how this will generate an income, seeing how the business will grow and sustain its profitability from these products and services, hiring the right people etc. All of these are […]

Financial Roadmap Planning

Creating a Financial Roadmap for Success

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With a clear map for the journey ahead, you’re ready to get on the road.   According to Bloomberg (2013), 80% of small businesses fail within the first 18 months of operation, and the evidence suggests that poor financial practices are to blame. As an entrepreneur, this statistic can be seriously demotivating. But, if you […]

BBBE Code Amendments

Amended B-BBEE Code

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As of the 01st of December 2019, verified companies will be audited based on the newly amended BBBEE Code. These amendments highlight the governments’ emphasis on the country’s zero-tolerance policy around non-compliance.  These B-BBEE Code amendments were proposed on the 31st of May 2019 and have looked to address outstanding issues and reduce Gazetting costs.  […]