Job Title: Business Growth Facilitator

Job Title: Business Growth Facilitator

We are looking for a dynamic, open-minded and impact-driven individual to join our team of passionate experts in the development and growth of SMMEs. The role of Business Growth Facilitator exists to facilitate the growth and sustainability of the SMMEs that take part in our programmes by transferring knowledge, skills, tools and providing guidance on how the businesses can thrive, become highly profitable and reputable to the extend that they ultimately outlive their founders.

Role focus areas

  • Business Growth and Development: SMME Capacity Building and Business Growth
  • Business Mentorship & Coaching
  • Programme Management, Project Coordination and Administration
  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting


Our head office is based in Johannesburg, however the incumbent will be based in the Vaal area where the project will be taking place.

Role Terms

  • The term is Fixed Contract ranging from Six (6) to Twelve (12)months.
  • This is an EE role therefore preference will be given to applicants fulfilling these requirements.

If you are passionate about developing entrepreneurs and believe in building legacy-driven businesses.

Please send us your CV on