Nontuthuko Mlambo – Business Growth Facilitator at The Transformation Legacy

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Nontuthuko Mlambo is a competent and bubbly Programme Manager with close to 5 years’ experience in the Enterprise and Supplier Development sphere. Nontuthuko has been passionate about entrepreneurship since picking Business Studies and Economics as subjects in high school. Her passion for entrepreneurship saw her pursue a career in it and subsequently she now holds a BCOM Honours Degree in Small Business Development, a Bachelor of Social Sciences specialising in Government, Business and Ethics and a Higher Certificate in Business Management. In 2017, she was introduced to Enterprise and Supplier Development and has since occupied employment roles in it. In her current role as Business Growth Facilitator at The Transformation Legacy, she is responsible for end-to-end programme management. Outside of the office, she helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. She is a forward-thinking Business Coach, diligent at motivating entrepreneurs while improving their entrepreneurial efforts.