Sibusiso Nomsa Raphekwane

Director, Business Mentor & Entrepreneur Development Expert

Sibusiso BusiRaphekwane is an Entrepreneur Development Consultant, a Business Mentor and the Director of The Transformation Legacy.

An entrepreneurship activist at heart, her desire to see entrepreneurs thrive and effect real change within the entrepreneurial space keeps her pushing against all odds.

Transforming the nation by developing sustainable Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) that can contribute meaningfully to the economy is her mission. This mission was solidified after serving at a senior executive level as well as running her own businesses- where she found a way to channel her passion into the sustainable development of entrepreneurs and therein effect change.

Her work focuses primarily, on supporting the creation of sustainable Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) by emergingentrepreneursin order to thrive and contribute optimally towards the socio-economic transformation of the country. Mentorship programmes and capacity building also form part of her initiatives in ensuring optimal growth for entrepreneurs.

She has received numerous accolades for work done within the business development arena and is a member of the Business Woman Association, an IBASA certified Business Advisor as well as a certified Innermetrix Advanced Insights assessor.

Sibusiso received her B Com. Accounting Sciences degree in 2007 and a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development from the University of Pretoria in 2015.

Her commitment to life-long learning sees her hone herself holistically with special interests in the field of Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Personal development & mastery, Leadership development and Strategic planning & development.

Her invaluable input to the field of entrepreneurial development has seen her contribute to other platforms and share business related insights.  These include

  • Drum magazine

  • Destiny magazine

  • Entrepreneur magazine

  • Your Business magazine

  • Making Moves, a TV show

  • Business Day TV

  • Rands & Senseshow on SABC

  • 360 biz: Cliff Central

Sibusiso BusiRaphekwane strives to be a thought leader in the area of Entrepreneur Development as well as a catalyst for social and economic change by giving impetus to the success of SMMEs.

She is driven by her vision to build legacy businesses that can leave lasting impact on our nation and continent at large. In South Africa, a country riddled with high unemployment and poverty levels, the support of vibrant self-generating and self-reliant enterprises cannot be ignored. Through her company, The Transformation Legacy, she aims to achieve just that by:

"Developing Entrepreneurs, Changing nations, Building Legacies."