The Transformation Legacy’s mission is championed by a qualified team of experts led by these executives.

We have over 30 years collective experience in entrepreneur development, enterprise & supplier development, business coaching & mentorship and entrepreneur business skills capacity building. Together, the founder, staff members and consultants include; enterprise & supplier development specialists, Business Mentors, Financial management specialists, Marketing strategist, Business Model & Strategy development specialist, Personal Development specialist, Fund raising specialist and Market research & Product Development specialist.

Sibusiso Raphekwane | Masters’ Degree

A passionate entrepreneurship advocate and development enthusiast at heart, Busi Raphekwane talks and walks enterprise development. With 13 years of corporate experience and 9 years in the enterprise development sphere as an entrepreneur development consultant and business mentor, it is no surprise that she is the co-founder and director of The Transformation Legacy.

Her passion and vast wealth of experience is anchored by a BCom Degree in Accounting Sciences, Masters’ Degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development from the University of Pretoria and an Ontological Coaching qualification from the International Coaching Federation.

Her daily mission is to transform the SMME sector by developing sustainable Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME’s) that can contribute meaningfully to the economy.While entrepreneurship and socio-economic transformation have always been an interest and a passion for her, it was only after her experience of running her own businesses; that she started channeling this passion towards the sustainable development of entrepreneurs.

During 2013 and 2014, she was awarded numerous awards including the Best Performer in the area of Mentorship.

As a mentor, her flare is implementing turnaround strategies for businesses; one of which saw a catering company that was operating at a -71% loss, achieving a positive net profit a year after the intervention.

This was achieved by directing all interventions on the business owners, ensuring that they are confident and have the relevant skills and capacity to grow their business and navigate the inherent challenges of building a sustainable enterprise.

She’s driven by her vision to build legacy businesses that can leave a lasting impact on the economy of our nation and our continent at large. In South Africa, a country riddled with high unemployment and poverty levels, the support of vibrant self-generating and self-reliant enterprises cannot be ignored.

Besides her passion for transformation and building sustainable enterprises, Busi loves fashion designing and all things "art". She also dedicates her time to raising her three young boys and building a solid family. She believes in living a balanced life filled with love, compassion, serenity and fulfillment.

‘’Developing Entrepreneurs, Changing nations, Building Legacies’’

Dzokai Mudzi | BA Degree in Communication Science

Dzokai is a Programme Manager at The Transformation Legacy. Her duties include liaising and overseeing the team that is part of the enterprise and supplier development programme; from external service providers, the internal organizational team and the corporate partners. Programme monitoring and evaluation, progress report information compilation and consolidation are also included.

Her 11 years of work experience in entrepreneurial development is varied; from social entrepreneurship, socio-economic development, enterprise development to supplier development; corporate sales linked to entrepreneurial development – working with corporates to develop strategic long-term solutions or programmes geared towards assisting small businesses.

She holds BA Degree in Communication Science and continues her learning journey to deepen her impact in the Enterprise Development sphere.

The entrepreneurial development involvement has also seen Dzokai facilitate Corporate-Meets-Small Business collaboration sessions, the aim being to provide a platform to interface and increase new business generation and strategy development.

When she is not giving support to entrepreneurs, she is giving even bigger to her family.  Dzokai values the essence of family unit and proactive parenting.  Her daily inspiration sparks from family and seeing those around her prosper.  Her chosen career is a big source of inspiration for her.

Nomsa Mdlalose | BCom Information Management

Nomsa Mdlalose has over 3 years’ experience in the entrepreneur development field. Her qualification in business analysis equipped her with knowledge on how businesses operate, particularly in understanding how information can be used to make effective decisions in a business. This is supported by her BCom. Information Management Degree from the University of Johannesburg

She is an astute learner who has developed an interest in entrepreneurship and business in general. She believes in contributing back to the world and aspires to leave a social impact and create change for generations to come.

Outside of work, Nomsa enjoys reading and listening to folk music. Her ardour to make a change through entrepreneurship is what inspires and keeps her on her toes every day.

Thulaganyo Mondlane | Business Principles Practice

Thulaganyo Mondlane holds a qualification in Business Principle Practice from Varsity College and currently furthering her studies in BCom Financial Management.

She aims to learn more about entrepreneurship and to make a difference in small businesses, specifically in the financial management aspect of their businesses.  Her desire to make an impact to entrepreneurs is inspired by the impact she would like to make in people’s lives and ultimately contribute to ending poverty in our country.

Besides helping people, she is adventures and enjoys being outdoors and doing activities such as hiking and swimming. She also loves music, reading and giving back to the community.